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Wed, Jul 10, 2019

How Important Are The Bees?

"Once the bee disappears from the earth, man has only four years left to live. No more bees, no more pollination, no more plants, no more animals, no more humans. "(Quote Albert Einstein, 1949).

Bees are important for the pollination of agricultural plants and our ecosystem. 80% of all crops and wild plants are pollinated by the Western Honeybee.

The remaining 20% ​​are accounted for by bumblebees, flies, wild bees, butterflies and other insects. However, these are often very specialized in comparison to bees and therefore "work" more slowly.

But now the suitable habitat for the bees is endangered. Today's agriculture is responsible, with bees playing an important role in our agriculture. In Europe, up to 80% of all crops and crops rely on pollination by bees.

A large part of the food and fruit and vegetables, but also nuts and oils, we have to thank bees.

If the bees die, we lose the third most important livestock and thus could trigger a food crisis.

Bee colonies disappeared again and again in recent years, the airworthy bees left their beehive and the queen starved to death with their young bees. In German this is called "bee collapse".

Protect the bees and their habitat.

Save the bees & save the world!