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Mon, Oct 21, 2019

How to Make Propolis Cream

How to Make Propolis Cream

Skin cream and ointments made with propolis are of great interest for those looking for a natural alternative to skin care. How to make skin cream and skin mask with propolis? Here is the recipe for propolis skin cream that you can easily apply at home.

Our skin is the mirror of our body. At the same time, our skin acts as a shield that protects our body against all negative external factors. Therefore, our skin is always under the threat of negative conditions such as dryness, pollution, oil, pimple and acne.

The importance of proper nutrition, adequate water consumption and sleep patterns in skin care are as important as choosing natural product to care our skin in a better way. Did you know that propolis and other bee products have been used for centuries to care and treat skin naturally?

Propolis and Skin Care

Propolis is a truly amazing natural product. While it is used in bee hive in vital works, it also appears in different areas outside the hive.

After the bees neutralize the invaders entering the hive, they cover the dead body with propolis to prevent them from rotting. Likewise, the ancient Egyptians used propolis when applying the embalming method.

It is known that the Romans, who founded the world's largest empire, wound up their wounded soldiers in wars with propolis and used it in the same way to treat burns. 

While research on the benefits of propolis to the skin continues, this precious bee product has managed to attract the attention of the cosmetic world a little more over the years.

Skin, body and face care creams made with propolis are experienced by more people.

In this article, we will talk about propolis skin cream and propolis mask that you can make at your home. 

How is Propolis Skin Care Cream Made?

Most skin care creams are derived from plant extracts. Creams obtained from the extracts of plants that are beneficial to human health are mixed with various chemicals and take their place in cosmetic departments. But you can also make a natural skin cream with propolis at home.

Propolis Natural Skin Cream

What you need to make your propolis natural skin cream at home with your own means is the propolis extract, the flower petals you prefer (we preferred chamomiles) and some beeswax.


Crush the chamomile petals thoroughly in a glass bowl. The point you should pay attention to is to prepare the chamomile petals by crushing, not pounding.

A cup of oil and crushed chamomile petals in a pot, throw at 40 degrees until low heat stirring. If you are not using a degree, check the temperature with your finger. If your finger is warm, the temperature of the pan has reached the desired level.

Add about 100 drops of propolis to the chamomile oil you are stirring over low heat in the pot. Note that propolis that you use will be 10%, 20% and 30% water-soluble extracts.

For this reason, the propolis amount you will add to your cream depends on the concentration.

After dropping propolis into the pot, stir well for a while. Cover the pan with a paper napkin to avoid the formation of steam. Do not use cookware lid and wait 1 night.

The next day, you will notice that your mixture of propolis and chamomile oil has a more intense consistency.

Next is filtering…

Drain your propolis-chamomile oil mixture in an empty container using a coffee filter.

Add 15-16 grams of beeswax prepared to solidify and form the mixture.

Make sure that the chamomile seeds not to mix into the oil during the filtration process. Add some amount (15-16 grams) of wax to the filtered oil, put it back on low heat and mix until the wax melts.

After the mixing process, you will see that your chamomile cream with propolis is concentrated and reached the desired consistency.

After this, store the solidified mixture in a clean container with a lid.

The most important point you should pay attention to when preparing propolis skin cream is not by waiting the oil; heating.

You can get out by heating plant oils in a healthy way. Therefore, you can cause the product to mold when you hold the chamomile oil.

Also, do not leave plant oils in direct sunlight or dark spots.

Propolis Extract Cream

If you are a time-constrained and working person, you may want to choose an easier way to make propolis skin cream. For this, Propolis Extrakt Tinktur wasserlöslich 10% is enough to make the desired propolis skin cream.

Add 1-2 drops of propolis extract tinkur wasserlöslich 10% and mix in the palm of your hand before applying daily skin cream.

Then apply it to your skin.

Propolis Mask

We have mentioned that natural products are becoming more preferrable for skin health and beauty than chemical products. Natural facial mask is the best known skin care method that you can easily prepare at your home.

So, how to make face/skin mask with propolis?

To prepare a face mask with propolis, you only need 1 carrot, half avocado, olive oil, egg and propolis extract.


Mix one carrot grater with crushed half avocado and add half a teaspoon of natural olive oil. To make sure its in proper consistency, add an egg yolk to the mixture and mix well.

Add 10 drops of propolis extract to 1 teaspoon of propolis royal jelly and raw honey mixture. Stir well for a while, you can also use the blender to make the cream consistency.

When after mixing all the ingredients, apply your propolis face mask to your skin with your fingers and rinse througly after 20-30 minutes.