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Wed, Jul 10, 2019

Who Are We?

BEE & YOU was founded in 2013 by nutritionists, agricultural engineers, chemists, biologists and beekeepers.

The research and development department is located at the Istanbul Technical University / Technopark.

Our mission is to market the development of natural and reliable products.

From the hive to your table, is our ideology.

100% natural bee products from the hive.

We attach great importance to species-appropriate beekeeping and strive to create long-term alternative bee products.

With our theory of ideas, we have created the beekeeping contract model and added it to our business model. All contracts are signed directly with the beekeeper and therefore also production agreements are concluded.

The habitat of the bee is carefully examined and the connected beekeepers are supported by our team of experts with every step, are cared for and receive an ideal training for beekeeping. All bee products are first subjected to our laboratory analyzes to explore purity and biological activity.

We value innovation and invest part of the revenue in the development of new products and support our affiliated beekeepers with materials and equipment.

We work with 500 affiliated beekeepers and have 150,000 beehives.

We now market our products in 9 different countries, 10,000 pharmacies and 4,000 organic grocery stores.

To date, we have been honored with 27 international awards for our processing technology and products at competitions such as 2018 Eco Excellence Awards, World Beekeeping Awards, Gourmet Special Products Innovation Awards and Best Antioxidant Products, Best Children Products.

What sets us apart is our expertise. All processes are controlled and executed by our team of food engineers and agricultural engineers.

We use our years of experience and knowledge in bee products to preserve the natural nutritional value of these valuable food products and present them to consumers in the form of totally natural blends.